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a cross-cultural bridge builder, spiritual activist, optimist and social entrepreneur

on a mission to make the world a little brighter by empowering individuals to fully utilize their unique voice and abilities.

Own Your Story!

Have deep connections, do work you love, be an inspiration to others, break free from fitting in a box and play full out!


I'm a self-growth, spiritual formation & leadership development sponge, recovering perfectionist, self-care advocate, creative storyteller, martial artist, curious explorer, regular "gut" cleanser, and a daring woman of purpose and power.

See that? I'm not just ONE thing and neither are you. So stop trying to fit into a mold because, trust me, one box will never be BIG enough to capture all the beauty that is YOU.

I want to help you truly see and believe that! To know you are complete and lacking nothing, EXACTLY as you are, because, let's face it, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU - not what you do, know or have to offer, but who you are at your truest & highest self.



It's not always easy finding your authentic voice amidst all the noise in the world and baggage of our past, but you don’t have to go through it alone.


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"Adventurous, spiritual, ambitious and optimistic." 

- Princesse

Creative and Director of Talent & Culture at Green Africa Airways

"When I think of Akwése, I think of a woman that is free in mind, body and spirit."  

- Samantha

Spoken Word Artist and Director of Justice & Diversity at the Bar Association of San Francisco

"Determinated, focused, motivated, positive thinker, leader." 

- Caroline

North Korea Analyst and PhD Candidate

  Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs!

As young children, we carry this light -- an ease of wonder and joy and limitlessness -- a belief that we are powerful and all things possible. So when did that change? 

Sadly, this process of dimming our light often begins at a young age and is learned from a variety of experiences that weren't meant to crush us but which implicitly taught us things -- like who we are is not enough or that only certain types of people get certain things in life. Over time we take these to heart and they become our limiting beliefs which influence our every move and end up holding us back from fully celebrating or sharing our unique voice and abilities with the world. The good news is that your story doesn't have to end here - I got you!

Take the first step with this free resource I've created to help you begin exploring your inner beliefs and shatter those pesky voices telling you you're anything less than fabulous.

Grab yours below :) 


“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

~ Maya Angelou

LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE - From The Inside Out

"For most of my life, I've had a natural tendency to view life experiences through a negative lens. This often led to feelings of regret when I realized later on that events not only were as insufferable as I thought, but they were even some of the most enjoyable periods of my life.  

After speaking regularly with Akwese, I came to truly understand the meaning of the power of positive thinking. I regularly search for the positive in my day or in a past or present experience so as not to have regrets in the future. She also helped show me that even when we do have challenging or negative experiences, it is worth analyzing lessons learned from situations and growing from them.  

I now find more enjoyment in my daily life and experiences and find myself having less regret about the way I spend my time."

- Caroline Kearney, North Korea Analyst and PhD Candidate

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